Admissions Criteria

1. The child must be of the appropriate age for their year group.


(Based on the child’s age on 31st August, for the academic year of application)

2. There is space available in the age appropriate year group.

3. The child has reached certain developmental milestones.

4. Admissions Requirement

The child’s household registration or residence permit status meets one of the requirements below:

A. Child holds a Shanghai Pudong household registration

B. Child holds a Shanghai household registration outside of Pudong and legal Pudong residence certificate

C. Child holds a mainland China household registration from a city other than Shanghai, valid Shanghai residence permit or Residence registration certificate; one parent holds valid Shanghai Residence Permit(addressed in Pudong) and standard points notice with child’s name for Shanghai residence permit or 6-month Shanghai insurance records(from 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020; no supplementary included) 

D. Child holds Hongkong or Macau permanent ID card, Hongkong/Macau Travel Permit or residence permit, Taiwan Travel Permit or residence permit, Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitor (addressed in Pudong)

E. Child holds foreign passport, Residence Permit for Foreigner in the People’s Republic of China or Chinese Travel Document, Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitor(addressed in Pudong)

5. The family embraces the Huili philosophy, values and identity.